Hurricane Sandy

We are sad to inform you that our Temple’s lower level was completely flooded during Hurricane Sandy, with water reaching the ceiling. Our Bet Midrash/Chapel, our library, our social/meeting hall and all of our offices were devastated. Most of our members suffered very serious damage in their homes due to flooding, most also lost their cars and many were displaced, without power and/or heating. Our prayers are with all the affected in our congregation, our state and our region.


Temple Beth El flooded video 1   video 2    video 3   video 4

Bet Midrash


Bet Midrash – ark









Damaged Torot

Damaged Torah











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6 Responses to Hurricane Sandy

  1. Howard Weber says:

    At this time of great devastation, our Temple needs to continue to be the center of Jewish life and prayer for our community. We need to call an emergency Congregation meeting to assess the situation and to make plans to continue our functioning (at the Temple or elsewhere temporarily)as quickly as possible so our members can feel confident that their Temple has survived the storm. We need to offer prayers and assistance to our members in need. Let’s not lose this chance to be a pivotal player in helping restore a sense of unity and normalcy to the community. May there be a true ‘speedy recovery’ for our Temple, our members, and our neighbors.

  2. Phyllis Brodsky says:

    Rabbi, Howard: Terrible catastrophe…how can I help?

  3. Irene Dashevsky (David's Mom) says:

    Hello Rabbi,
    We are so terrible sadden to see all the devastation to the synagogue. We are just returning back to our own neighborhood on Surf and W5 that has had significant damage, as well. If there is anything that we can do to help the synagogue, let us know.

    David and his family.

  4. Sara Shapiro-Plevan (@shaplev) says:

    We here in Manhattan would be really privleged to help you in whatever way we can. There are shuls and Jewish communities here on the Upper West Side that want to be able to help. When you are ready you just let us know.

  5. Tamar says:

    If you’ve been affected by #Sandy apply for assistance online at or call 1-800-621-FEMA(3362)

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