Thank You

Bet Midrash – ark

As you know, our Temple has suffered extensive damage and we need funds to complete the cleanup and reconstruction…

On a very heartwarming note:

We appreciate the help of all who are supporting our rebuilding and relief efforts, and in particular:

The American Jewish Committee for their relief and reconstruction grant

The UJA/Federation of NY for their support in assisting congregants in need

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, for their ongoing support and equipment donation.


We extend also our appreciation to all the people that made possible the donation, transportation and unloading of the books and furniture that we received on Sunday 12/30/12:

To Lila Abrams and Rabbi Mendel Abrams of Temple Beth Torah in Hyatsville Maryland, for the Bemah furniture, desks, chairs, sound system, prayerbooks, Chumashim, etc.

To Suzanne Teleha for coordinating the donation of Mahzorim and Chumashim from Temple Sinai and Tiferet Beit Israel in the Philadelphia area.

To Shimshon and Ronnie Panzok, for providing the truck and volunteering to drive to Maryland and back to bring the items.

To  Lidia Boris, Larry Brandman, Igor Chanmin, Myron Griffel, Iosif Kushnir and Lee Weidman for helping us unload the truck.

Thank you very much and Yasher Koach for the wonderful Mitzvah!

We invite everyone to come to services soon to see all the new items!

May we all have a happy and healthy secular new year!






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