Our Congregation was established in 1919 and has served as a bastion of Judaism in Manhattan Beach for over a century. It remains strong even in the face of changing demographics and provides our members with a powerful and constant identity in the Jewish faith. Our stately building on the corner of West End Avenue and Hampton Avenue was dedicated in 1967. Our warm congregation continues to encourage all Jewish families to become a part of our “family.” Through our services, Hebrew School Program, Adult study programs, and a variety of other Jewish activities, we dedicate ourselves to Judaism as a living and growing faith.

Vignettes From Our Rich History

October 25th, 1992 – 25th anniversary celebration of the new building:

The year was 1960 – men and women of vision embarked on a million dollar drive to build a new and greater Temple Beth El. The theme was “make this dream a reality.” – Seven years later their dream came true. Here we are twenty-five years later, celebrating their achievement. Unfortunately, most of the stalwarts who gave unstintingly of their time, effort and money are no longer with us, but the memory of their dedication and accomplishments will always remain. This beautiful edifice is a tribute to those who left a legacy to our children and grandchildren and future generations to perpetuate our Jewish heritage.

While the faces may have changed over the years, the Temple Beth El Congregation remains a vibrant force in the Manhattan Beach-Brighton Beach Communities. We owe a debt of gratitude to those men and women who have preceded us and who gave so generously to the success of our Temple. It is our fervent hope that we, too, will leave our legacy to future generations, so that when Temple celebrates its 100th Birthday, will be remembered for our efforts on behalf of the synagogue.

May 14th, 1994 – 75th Birthday/Anniversary celebration of the incorporation of Temple Beth El:

It is difficult to imagine that the people who founded and incorporated Temple Beth El in 1919 would have realized the tremendous amounts of joy and satisfaction they were to bring to the thousands of people who have been a part of our Temple. Temple Beth El has literally been a cornerstone of the Manhattan Beach community for generations. Throughout the years, so many of our members have been married in our synagogue, and have had their children educated and Bar/Bat Mitzvah’d here.

Temple Beth El holds precious memories of lovely High Holiday and Sabbath services. Our wonderful holiday parties and various social gatherings at the Temple are joyous occasions etched in our memories. The lovely affairs, run by Sisterhood, Evening Circle, Couples Club, and Mens Clubs over the years, have enriched our lives. Additionally, those bargains that we acquired at the Temple’s many bazaars are constant daily reminders of the influence the Temple has had upon all of us.

It is amazing to realize that tonight we are celebrating our wonderful facility, our second home, Temple Beth El of Manhattan Beach. The Temple means so much to not only those of us here tonight, but also to those who preceded us. Temple Beth El is not only our spiritual home, but it is also our special gathering place where we have made so many friends and have enjoyed such happy times.


September 8th, 2019 – 100th Birthday celebration of the incorporation of Temple Beth El

Today, Temple Beth El has the same mission as our founders. We come here to pray, to congregate, to learn, and to celebrate life cycle events and Jewish holidays. We are honored and proud to have reached this milestone. If the walls of Temple could talk, they could speak volumes and what wonderful memories they could share. L’Chaim! Salut! Salud! Gezundt! Shalom!

We thank Norma Gingold z”l, Iris N. Gingold-Howard,
and Stephen Howard who submitted these texts.


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